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Jonathan Shearman | Jazz Pianist | Songwriter


Welcome to my music page

Jonathan Shearman has been a keyboardist, guitarist and songwriter for longer than he cares to remember. Influences include 60’s film soundtracks, The Beatles, songs from the Great American Songbook - especially Porter and Jobim - and other fusion and mainstream classics. He writes songs and instrumentals across a wide range of styles, including Latin, jazz-rock, fusion, and mainstream while pursuing a career in tech writing. His songs have been performed at the Basement and other venues around Sydney.


A confident and inventive piano soloist with a good repertoire of standards. Has studied arranging, improvisation, and piano trio performance at the NSW Conservatorium of Music.


I write in a range of styles - jazz songs, ballads, latin, swing and many other styles.



"A musician of excellent taste" - Dale Barlow

"Your compositions are first rate " - John Morrison



Last updated Sept 2014

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